Advance Car & Truck Driving School 5606 55 street, Unit 9, Drayton Valley T7A 0B2

Terms & Conditions

  • For Class 5 training must hold valid class 7 Learner License.
  • To obtain a Driver Education Course Completion certificate student must achieve 75% in vehicle training and 80% in classroom written test.
  • If fails to achieve 75% in in-vehicle training , additional training will be required with extra charges applied.
  • After failing classroom written test student can rewrite a test two times without any charges, if fails twice in classroom test student must go through complete classroom session and will be charged $150.
  • During the in-vehicle and in-classroom training, electronic communication and all other devices are not allowed.
  • In order to cancel in vehicle lesson student must give at least 24 hours prior notice otherwise will be charged $60 cancellation fee.
  • If Driving lesson has to be cancelled because of illness, doctors note is required, otherwise $60 cancellation fee will be charged.
  • In order to cancel in classroom session, student must notify school at least 24 hours before and will be rescheduled until next availability.
  • In case of lost or misplaced Driver Education Course Completion certificate, duplicate copy can be requested for $30 applicable fee.
  • Advance driving School Ltd. Reserve the right to refuse the services if student misbehave, uses abusive language or under influence of any intoxication.
  • If school has to cancel a lesson because of instructors illness, vehicle breakdown or bad weather condition, every possible effort will be made to accommodate rescheduling driving lesson as soon as possible.
  • All fees must be paid in advance and is non-refundable.
  • Student must complete driving course within 18 months from the date of registration, failing to do so student must re-register and pay full applicable amount.