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Good driving habits new drivers should adopt

These are the habits that are going to be helpful for anyone who drives on a regular basis. The sooner you develop these habits the better because once you develop a different routine, it is going to be very difficult to change your habits. We recommend new drivers to drive carefully and be prepared for bad situations on the road. It is very important that you keep learning even after getting your license because, in your early days as a driver, you have to keep learning and developing good habits.

Take good care of your vehicle

Taking care of the vehicle that you drive daily is a very good habit. This is a habit that you should develop in your early days because it can be very difficult to change your habits later on. Taking care of your vehicle includes keeping it clean and maintaining it regularly. Get regular services done and don’t ignore minor problems. If you are a good driver, you also need a good vehicle to make sure that you are not left stranded on the road because of your vehicle. Maintaining your vehicle is a regular process that has to be taken care of on a regular basis. If you don’t pay regular attention to your car and keep ignoring small problems, you may have to deal with major problems at some point.

Here are a few things you need to do or check regularly

  • Check oil and coolant levels
  • Check headlights, Hazard lights, and parking lights
  • Check air pressure and quality of tires
  • Wash and wax
  • Check the battery
  • Change air and cabin filters

Always adjust your mirrors

If you have recently started driving, or you are still learning, make sure you always adjust your mirrors before you start driving. This is a habit that is going to be very useful if you develop it early on. It is a very good habit, and it is an essential thing to do if you want to drive safely. Make sure you develop this habit from day one and don’t learn to drive without checking your mirrors. It is an easy habit to develop, and it only takes a few seconds to adjust your mirrors. There are a few things that you should do before starting your journey so that you don’t get distracted later on. Adjusting your mirrors and setting your GPS should be done at the start.

Adjust your speed according to the weather

Your driving style also needs to change with the changing weather. One of the important things to do in bad weather is to slow down. You may look at the speed limit and think that you are moving at the right pace, but you should understand that the speed limits are set for normal weather conditions. In case of heavy rain or snowfall, you have to slow down your vehicle because high speed increases the chances of your vehicle slipping and it can be difficult to control the vehicle at a high speed. A slight adjustment in your speed and driving style can be very useful in bad weather conditions.

Maintain a safe distance

Tailgating is one of the worst habits that some drivers develop, but if you are careful about it from the beginning, you will not develop this habit. Always maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you, so that if the vehicle in front stops suddenly, you get enough time to stop your vehicle as well. Leaving too little gap between your car and the car in front is called tailgating, and it is a very bad habit. It is the responsibility of all the driving instructors in Calgary to make sure that children drive safely. You can’t control how other people drive, but you can control how you react to their mistakes. Your first reaction to other people’s mistakes should be about what should you do to keep yourself safe.

Never lose your cool

Losing your cool is one of the worst things that you can do as a driver. All your experience and knowledge go out of the window when you lose your cool. You need to understand that all drivers are not perfect, and they make mistakes. You should not let their mistakes get on your nerves. When someone else is driving badly, you have to be even more careful because it is your responsibility to keep yourself, and your passengers safe. If you sign up for our defensive driving course in Calgary, you will learn that there are a lot of things that you can do to keep yourself safe even when others make mistakes.

Practice parallel parking

Parallel parking is one of the most important skills for a new driver. Even if you drive very well, parking is a skill that has to be mastered separately. If you drive on a regular basis, you will have to parallel park your car at some point in time. If you sign up for a course at a driving school in Calgary, you will learn to drive perfectly. If you know how to drive perfectly, and how to parallel park, you will become a complete driver. It is a great skill to have because you will not find big parking lots everywhere you go. Start practicing early, and if you keep trying regularly, you will master it eventually.

Learn to change a tire/fix basic problems

Changing the tire is an easy skill to learn, and you should learn it if you drive on a regular basis. This skill is especially useful for long drives because in faraway places you may not be able to find a mechanic. You need the tools to change the tire so make sure that you always have the tools in your car. You need a spare tire which ready to be used, so before starting your journey, make sure that your spare tire is ready. A lot of times people have a flat spare tire, and they never check it. Whenever you check the air pressure in your tires, also remember to check the air pressure in your spare tire, because you never know when you might need it.